Knee Defender a hit after in-flight spat

    The Knee Defender blocks airplane seats from reclining. When attached to a tray table, it jams the reclining mechanism of the seat in front.

    Calling Singapore space travellers

    US-based XCOR Space Expeditions is close to making commercial space travel a reality for private...

    Sparkly Christmas by the Bay

    Light sculptures and a Dutch tent are part of the festive line-up at Gardens by the Bay this year.

    Qantas stays loyal to its frequent flyer "cash cow"

    Australia's flagship airline, Qantas Airways Ltd, is making a mint helping other companies keep...

    For jaded traveller with $125k to spare

    Only 3 S'poreans so far have shown interest in US firm's space flight.

    Singapore travellers: Who they are

    You will be co-pilot, perform navigational tasks such as reading instruments and ensuring that the...

    All flights to Philippines' Tacloban airport suspended

    The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) is suspending all flights to the Tacloban...

    Groupon Singapore travel fair

    Groupon Singapore offers exclusive deals to popular destinations across Asia and Australia.

    Space tourism set to take off?

    Commercial space shuttle can take two on hour-long sub-orbital flight.

    Grilled liver covered with intestines

    A local specialty of the tribal region in northwest Pakistan is pata tikka, bite-sized grilled liver...

    Qatar Airways Promotion

    Qatar Airways' is offering a string of deals on flights for year-end vacation.