50 things to do in Singapore before you die

    TheSmartLocal.com | Mon, Dec 2 2013

    Some say Singapore is boring. That there isn't anything to do besides shopping, eating, movie watching and um... queuing. Why do people spend hours lining up for tyre manufacturer recommended dim sum, American donuts and black Japanese cats? They must be really bored to give up their time like that. And they shouldn't.

    We've done a lot of traveling around the world and Singapore easily ranks among the top in our list of most fun cities in the world. Our unique lives as travel guide authors / journalists / bloggers have given us the opportunity to thoroughly explore and see a side of Singapore that most have not. Which is why we've decided to come up with a bucket list of things to do in Singapore before you die.

    We've considered over a thousand activities based on our personal experiences and the over 17,000 Singapore reviews in our TSL database. And we've ended up with this final list of things to do. So that you'll have a different adventure every week of the year. So that it is an exhaustive enough list to occupy anyone's time for a while.

    This list has an emphasis on the lesser known activities, but we also mention some of the popular mainstream things to do. But what all of them have in common is being a great way to spend your time. Bookmark this list, share it with your friends and shove it in the face of the next person who complains that Singapore is boring.

    I am happy to call Singapore home and even happier that there is so much to do right here in our own country. I hope no one will complain that Singapore is boring again. Here's our bucket list of the things to do in Singapore before you die.

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    Things to do in Singapore before you die

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