Backpacker of 30 years says KL is most dangerous place he has ever been to

    Stomp | Thu, Nov 21 2013

    A backpacker from the United Kingdom has visited countries like Africa and Yemen, but picks Kuala Lumpur as the most dangerous place he has ever been to.

    Dave Ramsay had related his experience about being stabbed and mugged in the city on travel site Virtual Tourist.

    The incident took place near Hard Rock Cafe in Jalan Sultan Ismail on Oct 5.

    Dave was stabbed in the chest and then slashed across the arm with a knife, before the robber fled with his bag. Dave said there was no regard for his life since he was attacked before being robbed, instead of the other way round.

    However, his ordeal did not end there.

    Not only did it take 30 minutes to reach a hospital as most taxis did not stop for him after seeing blood, police were also ineffective and inefficient.

    According to Dave, security at local venues did nothing. Tourist police also did not ask anything about the robber and only produced a report for an insurance claim, making the victim feel they had no interest in pursuing the criminal.

    Dave even called the tourist police office a "conveyor belt of victims coming in".

    "This place needs avoiding big time. I have travelled to Africa, Yemen, and SE Asia for nearly 30 years and I am not a squeamish person but I genuinely believe this to be the most dangerous place I have been to, due to the vast number of incidents and the frequency of them. It's epidemic," wrote Dave.

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    Pictures: Wikimedia Commons, ST, Reuters, BH, My Paper


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