How to spot a Singaporean abroad

    The New Paper | Tue, Nov 26 2013

    Singaporeans are world travellers, but are we conspicuous abroad?

    We spoke to some people in the travel industry to get four particular traits.

    1. Culture? No thanks

    Apparently Singaporeans are much more interested in where to eat and shop.

    The wonders of the ancient world can wait if Prada is just down the road.

    2. Far too trusting

    Call it a side effect of our safe society. Singaporeans are often caught leaving purses and bags wide open.

    The biggest mistake is putting our phones next to us when eating. It's a snatch thief's smorgasbord.

    3. Wi-Fi is everything

    We are uber-connected. Every aspect of the holiday must be logged, uploaded and shared as it happens. That means a hunt for Wi-Fi.

    Why watch the waves or laze in the sun when you can find out what's on Facebook, or even worse, still check work e-mails?

    4. Stuck to the schedule

    Planning a holiday can go too far.

    Singaporeans apparently want to stick to the schedule so tightly they can miss amazing events.

    Spontaneity is almost seen as a bad thing.

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