See S'pore's latest nature parks - under the sea

    Two dive trails - one shallow, one deep - at Sisters' Islands are part of conservation plan.

    Embracing embroidery: New motifs, workshops attract young generation

    The J.S. Pancake Cafe Aoyama store has held about 100 embroidery workshops since its first one two... { 379 views }

    Ride on a dragon's back at DreamWorks Animation exhibition

    If you haven't already known, DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition is now in Singapore at the... { 1,336 views }

    Citizen 'Ninjas' assist guests on their way up Japan's Wakayama Castle

    Besides helping people up and down the slope, Wakayama Castle ninja greet visitors and tourists and... { 1,783 views }

    Breaking the fast with Arabian coffee

    Breaking the fast by drinking coffee has been a tradition since 1802 at the mosque. { 552 views }

    French feasts in heavenly places

    A side trip to see Mont St Michel abbey in France results in some delightful dining encounters in... { 241 views }

    Vivid colors of lilies sway in full bloom in Japan

    About 230,000 thunberg lilies are now in full bloom. { 751 views }

    Stroll through history at Tokyo's Ichigaya Memorial Hall

    A platform at the front of the room was used for the Emperor's throne. { 198 views }

    Warehouse Hotel at heritage site

    Called Warehouse Hotel, it will have 37 rooms and is expected to open by the fourth quarter of next... { 2,258 views }

    Japan capsule hotels adapt to accommodate women

    The low-cost option of capsule hotels is growing in appeal due to the rising hotel prices. { 2,623 views }

    Japan tour allows tourists to dress as mascots

    The tour participants learned the manners of communicating with pedestrians and how to move while... { 775 views }