Battlestar Galactica roller coaster to reopen early 2015: RWS

    RWS, which manages USS, said on Friday that the world's tallest duelling roller coaster will make its comeback with a new design.

    More tourists unhappy with hotels, restaurants

    Lower satisfaction scores attributed to labour crunch and high expectations.

    Natas fair faces challenge from new rival event

    Rival fair comes after outbound tour companies raised issues with Natas about existing fair since as...

    Changi welcomed 4.49m passengers in October, up 1.9 per cent

    Traffic from India boosts arrivals; that from Thailand and China rise following slumps most of this...

    'Big Four' and 20 other travel agencies opt out of Natas fair

    24 travel agencies have opted out of the event and are holding their own fair on the same dates.

    24 agencies to hold travel fair

    After opting out of the next Natas travel fair, 24 agencies will hold their own on the same dates.

    Natas optimistic that resolution can be achieved

    The travel fair organiser will also be waiving the entrance fees to next year's travel fair.

    Japan volcano eruption hits flights

    Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways warned passengers of "a number of cancellations and changed...

    Central Java to hold Indonesia Umbrella Festival

    The festival will be enlivened by various programs, such as an umbrella fashion display.

    Revisiting childhood through toys

    Visitors feel as if they have stepped into a scene of the "Mobile Suit Gundam" anime series.

    Australia working on new drift modelling for MH370 wreckage

    Initial analysis had suggested that the first debris from the plane could come ashore on Indonesia's...