5 destinations in Europe with the best nightlife ever

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The majority of Singaporeans would have visited Zouk when they were transitioning into adulthood; it's a rite of passage for people wanting to have a taste of real nightlife on our little island.

As much as we like hanging out while sipping fancy cocktails in mega cool secret bars or dancing our nights away in clubs in and near Singapore, party-loving people just have to get out there sometime during their lives and visit destinations far away from Asia to experience the best nightlife!

Below, we at GET.com have rounded up 5 of the best places in Europe that you can visit if you really, really love partying.

5 Destinations In Europe With The Best Nightlife Ever

1. Boom, Belgium

With a tagline that goes "Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever", Tomorrowland is one of the globe's largest and most important dance music festivals, ever.

Held in July every year since its inception in 2005, partygoers who love genres of music ranging from EDM (ahem, electronic dance music), house, techno, drum & bass and more will get to unite and dance their days and nights away.

Expect nothing short of the planet's best DJs and the company of 180,000 like-minded people from more than 75 countries around the world when you're at this amazing party marathon.

I'm saving up to attend Tomorrowland, by the way!

Also, how does partying from 8pm to 8am sound like to you?

If you're game for the electric vibes, visit Brussels.

Saunter your way to more than 50 places where you get to party the night away right in Brussels no matter whether you're big on house, techno, electro, R&B, salsa or even oldies.

2. Berlin, Germany

Sun's out for Friday - good morning!

Sun's out for Friday - good morning!

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Berlin is hands down one of the best places for incredible nightlife all year round.

Home to the funkiest bars in the world and the coolest underground techno clubs, you can even attend warehouse parties in this exuberant capital city.

If you know where to go, you might find yourself stumbling upon opportunities to party round-the-clock.

Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg are places you have to go if you're visiting Berlin specifically for nightlife.

For a super decadent experience, make a trip (or a few trips) to Berghain, Berlin's most exclusive nightclub, if you like techno and house music.

It'll be an amazing one that you'll always keep close to your heart.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Looking for somewhere with busy nightlife literally everywhere you go?

Amsterdam might be the place for you.

This city is also host to the Amsterdam Dance Event, an electronic music showcase fans of EDM will kill for.

From theatres, old offices and art galleries that double as party places, bars, casual clubs, dance clubs, streets, restaurants, coffeeshops (not your Singaporean kopitiams), clubs, and their infamous red light district where you'll find everything unimaginable and imaginable, Amsterdam sure has a lot to offer for night owls.

Besides, some of the world's best DJs the likes of Hardwell, Tiรซsto, Martin Garrix, Dash Berlin, Nicky Romero, Afrojack, and Armin van Buuren hail from the Netherlands.

4. Barcelona, Spain

Not a morning person?

Consider heading to Barcelona as early nights do not exist there.

Besides quirky shots that cost just 2 euros each, plenty of awesome bars, clubs and restaurants are nestled in this vibrant city, too.

The best thing you can do to cure that hangover after dancing throughout the entire night at clubs, or continue partying sans stilettos, is to hit the beach.

Las Ramblas, Gothic Quarter and Born district are places you need to venture to if you're in Barcelona.

Add La Terrazza, an open-air hilltop club, to your list as well.

5. Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Known as the party capital of the world for its boisterous and very wild nightlife, you have plenty of clubs to dance at when you're on this beautiful paradise-like Mediterranean island. Go to Ibiza during summer if you want to dance to tunes by the world's top music producers and DJs.

Ibiza is an incredibly charming holiday destination with a gorgeous climate that any party-loving soul who has an inclination towards techno-house music would appreciate. The best thing about Ibiza is probably the fact that you won't find older people in the crowds shooting you looks of disapproval when you're looking a little disheveled after partying one too many hours.

I digress but Mike Posner's "I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix)" has been looped and re-looped by yours truly a tad too much.

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