Woman's efforts to travel the world with her dog goes viral online

Piro decided to convert her vehicle to make it dog-friendly for her travels.
Photo: Instagram screengrab @pamthevan91

In 2000, music group Baha Men released the song 'Who let the dogs out?' but it seems one woman in Europe is out to not only let her dog out, she is bent on bringing it with her around the world.

"Too many buses, train, plane companies do not accept dogs, not to mention the difficulties you might have to find suitable accommodation," wrote Marina Piro, who was born in Italy and resided in the United Kingdom with her Labradoodle cross, Odie.

Undaunted, Piro decided to convert a vehicle to make it dog-friendly for her travels. Piro had to narrow her search as she also wanted to cook, sleep, and read in the vehicle.

After two months hunting for a suitable vehicle, Piro settled on a 'preloved' 2001 Renault Kangoo with 70,000km mileage, which she nicknamed 'Pam'.

Despite having no experience with cars or modification works, Piro decided to get her hands dirty to 'pimp her ride' as she was on a tight budget.

After months spent insulating, lining carpets, redoing the wiring and building the interior of her van, Pam was transformed into a cosy vehicle complete with a bed, curtains, a kitchenette, stove, storage, led lights and even plants!

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Finally some pictures of the finished van :D Follow step by step guides on how to do your own van conversion at https://pamthevan.com/

Posted by Pamthevan on Monday, 18 July 2016

Piro only started blogging about her 'Pam refurbishment' efforts recently, but her Instagram account shows that she started travelling with Odie and Pam early 2016, driving crossing the English Channel to France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

Netizens have been inspired by her efforts and journey, and many have asked Piro to travel to other places such as the Czech Republic and Greece.

Now we know how to let our dogs out, just like Piro.


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