• Cheapest weeks to travel to your favourite destinations in 2016

    According to TripAdvisor, picking the correct week to visit a holiday spot can be crucial in cost savings for holiday-makers out there.
  • Beautiful spots in HK for couples to escape the crowds

    Beneath the hustle and bustle of city life, Hong Kong has a lot to offer for couples on a romantic getaway - some more well-known than others. Skyscanner lets you in on six gems that are local secrets!
  • Czech it out on foot

    An azure sky was the perfect backdrop for the rows of red roofs and the glint of the Vltava River that wends its way through the capital city of Czech Republic.
  • Best 10 things you must do in Tokyo

    Our list of Tokyo's best attractions is eclectic, just like the city itself. It's a fascinating mix of the hyper-new and the ancient, where you can see the second-tallest structure in the world - the Tokyo Skytree - on the same day as visiting a 1,400-year-old temple in Asakusa.
  • From pagodas to worm jelly: Best of Quanzhou in 72 hours

    From ancient pagodas to traditional Nanyin opera and even the local delicacy of worms in jelly, we discovered much about Quanzhou's multicultural past in our 72 hours there.
  • Fun on the high seas

    From rock climbing to simulated skydiving to robot bartenders, there is never a dull moment onboard Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas.
  • The joy of Joyo

    Situated in Indonesia's Riau Archipelago, this private island resort is surrounded by picture-perfect beaches and turquoise waters, making it an ideal destination for families.
  • Fall for New York

    In countries with seasons, taking a stroll in the park amid the flaming autumnal colours of red, brown and gold and breathing in the cool, crisp air invoke a sense of nostalgic melancholy that is missing in the heat of the tropics.
  • Unique travel experiences you can find only in Iceland

    Iceland is a sprawling country with beautiful glaciers, geysers, lava formations and fjords - perfect for travellers looking to experience an adventure or just to witness the majestic beauty of this Nordic nation.
  • 5 amazing & affordable holiday destinations not many Singaporeans visit

    If you've been to just about every destination covered by the various budget airline routes, there's no need to despair. Here are five cheap and exciting vacation destinations that are cheap to get to and relatively unexplored by Singaporean tourists.

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